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Skills for

Success Academy 

Empower your student while supporting at-risk & homeless students.

The Classes

95% of proceeds go towards helping pursue the mission of Robyne's Nest by supporting at-risk and homeless students.​


$25 PER CLASS OR $40 FOR 2

Personal Wellness (1.25 hrs)

Taking care of yourself is an important job so we cover the following topics: self-esteem, mental health, personal hygiene, relationships and sex, health care/insurance, personal responsibility, your environment, personal goals, technology, and manners.

May 25th

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Coping Skills for Stress (1.5 hrs)

This workshop will teach students how to better identify stressors, learn strategies to effectively cope, build resilience, and skills to assist their peers who may be in crisis. Students will be given tools and resources they can use to reach out to others who might need support.

May 25th

Employment Skills (2 hrs)

This class covers the essential skills needed to search for and secure employment. Students learn how to complete applications, write cover letters and resumes, interview with maturity and confidence, and dress appropriately. Participants learn how to stand out among the crowd and present themselves in a professional, competent, and well-prepared manner. This course is prerequisite to Interview Readiness.

April 29th

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Personal Finance (2 hrs)

Learn the basics of budgeting, setting financial goals, available banking services, tax responsibilities, personal credit, filing taxes, the importance of saving money, and investing. These elements are key to successful living. This course is a prerequisite for Housing & Transportation.

May 8th

Housing and Transportation (2 hrs)

Personal Finance prerequisite required

In the Housing portion of class, you will learn about what it means to rent your own place, choosing roommates, security deposits and leases, on or off-campus living, safety and how to make sure the decision is right for you.  The second half of the class will show you many different transportation options, the cost of each and the hidden tips and tricks to getting around town safely. Personal Finance is a prerequisite as finances are the main basis you have for acquiring safe housing and reliable transportation.

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May 22nd

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Interview Readiness (2 hrs)

Employment Skills prerequisite required

On-site, mock interviews will help students leverage their skills, calm their nerves in a safe “dress rehearsal” environment, and receive professional feedback from a corporate volunteer/“potential employers”. Employment Skills is a prerequisite.

April 24th

May 13th

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Nutrition (1.25 hrs)

What you put in your body is just as important as what surrounds your body. Learn about carbs, fats and proteins, how to put them together to keep you going, and simple basics for keeping you going every day.

June 5th

June 10th

Cooking on a Budget (1.25 hrs)

This class brings finances and nutrition together showing how to eat nutritionally on a budget by planning nutritious meals, shop economically by reading shelf tags and learning secrets of the stores and weekly meal prepping.

June 5th

June 10th

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The Venue

9812 Hamilton Ave

Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Masks required and social distance maintained.

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About Robyne's Nest

The mission of Robyne’s Nest is to provide at-risk & homeless high school students, who are alcohol and drug free with little to no parental support, in the Huntington Beach High School District & Newport Mesa High Schools, with the resources and support to complete high school and pursue a path to self-sufficiency through college, trade school or military options.
Robyne’s Nest was created by Robyne Wood, a Huntington Beach wife and mother of two young children, to help provide funds and resources for high school administrators to take care of these students and create a path to the successful completion of high school. Many students are struggling when it comes to basic support from their parents for such needs as food, housing, academics, and even safety. Many of these students want help and that is why they continue to go to school looking for some security, routine and a place to belong. This is a proactive approach to keep our youth away from drugs, crime, homelessness, human trafficking, and early parenthood. We want to re-write their story for a better future.

We have the opportunity and responsibility, as a community, to take care of these students and not leave them behind!