Dollars For Scholars

Providing high school seniors with the necessary funds for the first two years of college


Our annual education stipend (scholarship program) provides high school seniors with much-needed funds for their first two years of college or vocational education. The program is available to all students in the community that qualify, not just Robyne’s Nest students. Books and supplies at a 2-year institution average $1,585.00 per year leaving students with the additional costs of rent, food, and gas among other basic needs. Our goal of raising $20,000.00 for the Dollars for Scholars fundraiser will allow us to support these bright, young students. Please help us reach our goal!




Bus Pass for School


1 months rent


Gas for 1 month


New Laptop


Cell Phone Service w/hotspot for a semester


Food for 1 Semester


Rent for 1 Semester

Our Mission

The mission of Robyne’s Nest is to provide at-risk & homeless high school students, who are alcohol and drug free with little to no parental support, in the Huntington Beach High School District & Newport Mesa High Schools, with the resources and support to complete high school and pursue a path to self-sufficiency through college, trade school or military options.
Robyne’s Nest was created by Robyne Wood, a Huntington Beach wife and mother of two young children, to help provide funds and resources for high school administrators to take care of these students and create a path to the successful completion of high school. Many students are struggling when it comes to basic support from their parents for such needs as food, housing, academics, and even safety. Many of these students want help and that is why they continue to go to school looking for some security, routine and a place to belong. This is a proactive approach to keep our youth away from drugs, crime, homelessness, human trafficking, and early parenthood. We want to re-write their story for a better future.


We have the opportunity and responsibility, as a community, to take care of these students and not leave them behind!